Billboards to the buses, we cover it all to promote you in the best way possible.

Just imagine, it's a beautiful day and you are looking forward to planning an outing with your family! However, you need a car on rent, but you don't know whom to contact. And at the same moment just imagine you wonder about the same and you get hooked on by a hoarding which is just opposite your building, stating about one of the best private transport companies in town! Will it not be just great? Well, outdoor advertising is just putting up these hoarders and the advertisement boards, which will help one get the information one needs at the correct time!

Although the hoardings and billboards cover almost 65% of outdoor advertising, but it is not the only one form of outdoor advertising. While you might be driving your own car, you might find the bus racing in front of you, having an advertisement on it. That too is a part of outdoor advertising.
Well, the point that must be concerning you the most is that even after having some of the most effective forms of marketing strategies already by your side, why would you ever need this form of marketing? Well, there are way too many reasons for the same and we would be listing some of them here!

According to various polls that are conducted all year round, a person only tends to buy a product or a service, after they have viewed and reviewed it a multiple number of times. Preferably, one needs to see the same advertisement 10 odd times before deciding on the product. Thus, the billboards help in the same, as they are active 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, thus, they are able to communicate more to the people than others.
The advertisements on the buses and the other vehicles are also quite a great way to advertise. The main reason behind the same is just that, the buses and the other vehicles keep moving through various places in the city and thus has a wider reach out than almost all other forms of advertisements and marketing.

Unlike the digital or the experiential forms of marketing, the customers are not offered with a choice to know the [product and the company, but it is just a continuous process, where the customer automatically reacts or gets to know about the new products or the company.
The two best catches of the outdoor company are yet to be stated and they are, cheap and high rates of conversion. The cost of putting up these advertisements are quite low. However, the conversion rate, on the other hand, is over two third of all the viewers, as stated by the consumer research company Arbitron. Thus this seems to be the most cost effective way of advertising for a product or a company.